Samantha Levi is a fashion/music/lifestyle photographer who also happens to be a favorite creative collaborator. Her style is edgy yet beautiful, alluring yet powerful. We wanted to capture this spirit with her brand identity and came up with a strong, sexy emblem that is very pronounced in gold foil on her business cards. The modern condensed type treatment and punchy accent color keeps the brand fresh.
Business Cards
Cards for both Samantha as well as her producer are designed in a complementing black, white and gold color scheme.
Samantha’s website ( is a simple yet accessible horizontal scrolling site that organizes her shoots into categories and features her work beautifully.
Cards showcasing fashion, beauty and lifestyle photography paired with contact information make the perfect giveaways at portfolio showings.
Identity Elements
The finishing touches on correspondence are an embossed logo and oval stickers.
Client: Samantha Levi
Art Director/Designer: Sarah Nelsen
Developer: Keven Eshleman
Printer: Moss Printing, PaperChase Press

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