Design is about the combination of experiences, genres, cultures, history — that informs and weaves together to create a statement. The name Interwoven is a reflection of this philosophy because it is through hearing and telling each other’s stories that we can better understand one another. And in turn, it’s the personal connection that lets the work flourish. 
Why do I do what I do? To me, it comes down to connecting with people. I find the greatest joy in helping friends and clients realize their dreams of starting their own business or bringing about change in the world through design. I have found that the personal connection in a world full of instant connectedness so valuable and cherished and I have the most success with a project when I have that strong personal connection — for then I can really step into the client’s shoes and think from their perspective. — Sarah Nelsen, Owner & Designer

Sarah has received numerous design awards and accolades throughout her career from AIGA, American Advertising Federation, How, Print Magazine and been featured on design blogs such as The Dieline, Design Scene, Lovely Package, Trendhunter, Under Consideration, and Design Work Life. She has also been recognized by Kansas City as a design innovator by The Pitch and KC Magazine.
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