A Civic Social Network. A sidewalk connects who you are to where you live. It’s a bridge between private citizens and civic places, personal interests and public initiatives. mySidewalk redefines our relationship to the things we love about where we live by making it easy for anyone to be part of the process that manages it, empowering more of us to participate more often. The word “civic” describes the connections between people, the place they call home, and their collective sense of purpose that creates a community. mySidewalk makes it easy to explore and enrich your civic identity and experience in more ways than one.
The Mark
A sidewalk is a structure that connects, brings unrelated elements together and is constantly turning. Friendliness and approachability is achieved in curvilinear forms in typography as well as baseline connection between the “w” and the “a.”
The Questions Campaign
“Where are you from?” This question conjures an immediate emotional reaction in most everyone, ranging from small town nostalgia to fiery city pride. This campaign focused on asking a series of community based questions centered on where you live and how you connect to your community. Cards, buttons, tumblers and t-shirts were all emblazoned with questions. Even “mysidewalk chalk” was packaged and branded with a question.
Marketing One Sheeters
Various branded info sheets.
Conference Display
The mySidewalk display at conferences features a city map backdrop and plenty of Sidewalk swag as giveaways.
Client: MindMixer
Brand Art Directors/Designers: Sarah Nelsen & Taylor Pruitt
Interactive Creative Director & Designers: John Tenjack, Zack Frank
Writers: Aaron Weidner, Jessie Bauters
Printers: ARC Document Solutions, Soli Printing

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