Holiday 2020 highlighted gift guides for an array of archetypes — from the cook to the collector, there is something special for everyone at Asiatica. 
Website Homepage featuring the Holiday Collection
Holiday Collection Page and Product Page
This holiday season Asiatica aimed to relate to the personas of our friends and family by creating a Gift Guide with unique gift ideas for each. Each email contained a curated selection of items that created a cohesive story both in the theme and color palette. Related copy tied the images together. The campaign was used throughout email, Facebook, Instagram Feed and Stories. The full collection is also contained on Asiatica's blog.
Instagram Feed
A playful checkerboard pattern was created to highlight product imagery and lifestyle images. Appropriate product tags were used to promote click-through sales to the website.
The Holiday Email Series
Design/Copywriting: Sarah Nelsen
Styling: Susan Cannon
Photography: Stuart Heidmann
Model: Lillie Weise, Voices&
Hair/Makeup: Kate Norton

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