MindMixer is a powerful online engagement platform that has helped more than 1,200 organizations start conversations with people who care about their communities. MindMixer has worked with hundreds of organizations to build stronger relationships between civic places and the people who love them through transparent, meaningful, and productive interactions.
Marketing Booklet – Let's talk about EDUCATION
Marketing Booklet – The CIVIC Sector
Marketing Booklet – Reaching CONSULTANTS
Brand Design & Illustration Applications
Environmental Graphics
The team creating mySidewalk is headquartered at MindMixer. Large scale motivational posters affixed to the wall behind plexi bring color and inspiration to the space.
Room Signage
In keeping with the civic theme, each conference room has a city name and icon associated with it.
Conference Display
The MindMixer display at conferences features graphic orange and white backdrops and plenty of MindMixer swag as giveaways.
Client: MindMixer
Brand Art Directors/Designers: Sarah Nelsen & Taylor Pruitt
Interactive Creative Director & Designers: John Tenjack, Zack Frank
Writers: Aaron Weidner, Jessie Bauters
Printers: ARC Document Solutions, Soli Printing, Midtown Signs

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