Since its inception in 1996, Lee National Denim Day has adhered to a simple philosophy: one day, one cause, one cure®. In 15 years, that philosophy has become a mantra for millions and has made an impact Lee Jeans never dreamed possible.

The 2011 campaign sought to change up a few things. With celebrity ambassador, Mike Rowe, (Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" spokesman) the campaign was not only humorous, but was also authentic. For the past 14 years the program has been based a $5 donation model. This year we dreamed big and asked instead for donations to come in the form of what you would normally spend on a pair of jeans.

Agency: Barkley, Creative Director: Paul Corrigan, Writer: Quinn Katherman, Photographer: Randall Slavin, Producer: Bruce Montgomery, Editor: Joy Moeller, 19Below
Public Service Announcement (:60 TV)
Mike Rowe explains why this year's Denim Day is so different, alongside his mother and breast cancer survivor, Peggy Rowe.
Print Ad
Appeared in People, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and TimeOut NY to name a few.
Poster to Past Participants
Posters were included in the registration kits to remind teams about the cause and to donate.
Digital Billboard in Times Square 
Digital Billboard in Times Square asks viewers how much they spend on a pair of jeans.

Video: 8183 Studio
Editors: Spencer Bergstrand, Dustin Schirir
The #1 goal for the website was to drive donations to the cause. Mike's video plays with a message of "What would you spend on a pair of jeans?" Viewers can submit any amount and be taken through a simple donation process.
Behind-the-Scenes Video
A behind-the-scenes video shows Mike and Peggy Rowe in their candid moments during the shoot. Mike talks about his ties to breast cancer and enthusiasm for the campaign. This behind-the-scenes video lived on
Facebook Fundraising Application
This Facebook App was not only a fun but a practical and easy way to encourage your Facebook friends to join in raising funds for Lee National Denim Day and breast cancer research. You could set a donation goal, invite friends to donate, and track donations all on Facebook.

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