For nearly 50 years, the Priests of Pallas Ball was the largest gala festival in the entire Midwest. It celebrated the fall harvest and payed homage to Pallas Athena. The 2007 Kansas City Ball intertwined the traditional theme of the masked ball—and Athena—with the mesmerizing culture and cuisine of the east. This pan-Asian theme played out in the branding of the event from the color palette to the fan party favors and centerpieces of red orchids. A limited run of commemorative screen-printed posters were sold at the ball. The poster now lives with the Priests of Pallas collection at the Downtown Central Library.
Commemorative Screen-printed Poster
Invitation, Program, Tickets and Fans
Ad, Event Poster and Tablescapes

Agency: Bernstein-Rein Writer: Brent Anderson Printer: Blue Collar Press

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